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Nuts, seeds and dried fruit for your daily life and celebrations
Our story

Zelta Rieksts is a story of quality and variety of flavours. We have been looking for the highest quality nuts, seeds and dried fruit since 1996 to provide quality products for a healthy and fulfilling daily life.

Zelta Rieksts is a brand established in Latvia that is looking for the best suppliers worldwide. Each product has been carefully picked, selected and packaged in the factory of SIA Gemoss, guaranteeing the highest quality and the best taste. The brand is proud of the BRC certificate, which confirms the quality of the products, good production and hygiene practices, as well as proves that the company is a reliable partner of the sales networks. The EU organic farming logo certifies that the production of BIO Zelta Rieksts have been grown in organic farms.

We are looking for products all over the world to provide you with energy and joy for healthy everyday life! 

We choose health and a good quality of life!

Products from 50+ countries
BRC certificate

Zelta Rieksts provides top quality nuts, which are carefully selected in specially certified farms, offering only the best products. A convincing choice for healthy everyday life!

Naturally dried fruit – products that Zelta Rieksts is especially proud of. Delicious and naturally dried fruit for your well-being.

The assortment of Zelta Rieksts includes a very wide offer of seeds – both mixtures and seeds are available in different packages to make it easy to add them to your meals.

For a quick meal on a busy day or for a carefully planned feast, the offered mixtures of nuts and seeds will come in handy, providing the best combinations of flavours and an energy charge.

The assortment of organic products includes nuts and dried fruit that have been grown in an ecologically clean environment, and ripened according to the rhythms of nature, gaining the power of the sun and the energy of the earth.

Private trademark

You have an idea – we have a solution!

We offer private label solutions on various packages of nuts, dried fruit, seeds, organic products and individually created mixtures. Our services are used by both large companies and small companies that require original products with their own corporate identity.

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Rīga, Mūkusalas iela 73, LV-1004